Draw or Die -- Illustration & Fine ArtRuby Roth
Artist Ruby Roth

Inspired by a lineage of romantic artists and pin-up masters, Ruby Roth's work reflects the inner lives of women, emphasizing a confident and wide array of beauty. Her sweeping parade of burlesque beauties, circus acrobats, costumed dancers, nude models, centerfold queens, and pinup girls quietly riot in the certainty that they are starlets of their own making. With an adoration for exaggeration, Roth's work is a cupid's arrow for admirers of the feminine form and her accoutremonts.

Roth is a also the author and illustrator of the children's book, That's Why We Don't Eat Animals (North Atlantic Books; Random House, dist.). She co-designed artist Justin Bua's The Beat of Urban Art and designed his latest book The Legends of  Hip Hop (HarperCollins Design). Learn more about Ruby and her children's line of art at

Ruby currently lives in Los Angeles. Please contact her for inquiries and all projects big and small.